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RANDOM NOTES: April 30, 2013.

-Postings been sporadic lately. Mostly due to the aforementioned Writer’s block.  But also augmented with the arrival of a new iPod Touch into the Jensen household. (Thank you Apple Gift Card I got for recycling my old Mac Mini.) And I’ve … Continue reading

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This fucking week…

So, let’s review… MONDAY: The Boston Marathon gets hit. Death, Blood, gore, sadness. TUESDAY: The Senate The GOP minority in The Senate plus four Red State Dems totally fucks all of us on Gun Control via the Filibuster. And while Sharron … Continue reading

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My two cents on the Oscar nominations of 2013 and the “Cloud Atlas”, “Zero Dark Thirty” snubs.

Given the fact that I rarely make it out to the movies nowadays, I’m not going to try to make anything resembling a prediction about who’s going to win what.  But I do have a few words to say about … Continue reading

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You can take a Neo-Con to water but you can’t make him not use it for a board.

So, that plan to avoid blogging about politics for the next week…yeah…not working out all that well.  (Via The New York TImes.) Last September, Mitt Romney’s advisers were so determined to attack President Obama from every direction and to revive long-discredited … Continue reading

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My (For now anyway.) final thoughts on OBL.

-First off, why the fuck didn’t anyone think of referring to Bin Laden as OBL during the 2008 election? Do you know how much aggravation that could have saved us? -My own personal reaction to finally hearing that Osama had … Continue reading

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-Uh, Mr. President…Transparency and change? WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama will try to block the court-ordered release of hundreds of photos showing U.S. troops allegedly abusing prisoners, reversing his position after military commanders warned the graphic images could stoke anti-American … Continue reading

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-Went to the Ashland Community Hospital ER yesterday morning to get checked for possible swine flu. The test consisted of saline being put up my nose and then sucked out by a tube.Not the best way to spend a Tuesday … Continue reading

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