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A non depression related note about this blog.

No, I’m not swearing off writing about politics. No, I’m not shutting it down. That was never an option. But anyone who’s followed this blog for a while may have noticed that the quality of the writing has gone down … Continue reading

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My very short take on why I am pro-choice. (And why the GOP House can suck my D*ck.)

There is a longer and much more autobiographical version of this post rattling around in my head. And one day, I may write that post.But for right now, let me say this.Speaking as a man who was born to parents … Continue reading

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MAN OF STEEL or the dangers of too much cake.

On the whole, I liked it Yes, it was a little on the somber side.  And I would have liked to see some more stuff establishing The Daily Planet. But mostly, it was an interesting rejiggering of the Superman Mythos. … Continue reading

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Yeah…about that last post….

That previous collection of mealy-mouthed words wrapped in self-pity that I foolishly clicked “publish” on? Please file that under “Reasons you should never tried to write on a depressing subject on a day you’ve forgotten to take St. John’s Wort”. … Continue reading

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PRISM has broken me. (A note on the future of this blog.)

I can’t. I just can’t. I’ve been trying to write something coherently about this PRISM nonsense for the last two days and I got nothing. It’s not that I’m not angry about it or that I don’t care.  I have … Continue reading

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The Lament of a Constipated Mind.

Yeah, I know. No posts for about nine days. I wish I could say it’s because I’ve been busy cooking up something big and amazing to unleash on you all. But I don’t. Honestly, the fact is that I just … Continue reading

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