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Romney in England: Schadenfreude is tasty but the calories are empty.

Yeah, from the outside, it’s great fun watching. Mitt Romney handed Barack Obama a potential gift for the US presidential election campaign when the presumptive Republican nominee blundered on his first diplomatic outing by questioning whether London was capable of staging … Continue reading

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An open letter to Charles Hurt of the Washington Times. I.E. Your Open Letter to Nolan, Penn, Etc.

Dear Mr. Hurt: I have just spent the last several minutes re-reading your open letter to Christopher Nolan, Sean Penn and Warner Brothers that was published Tuesday in the Washington Times. And I have come to the following conclusion. You are … Continue reading

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PROFILES IN DICKISHNESS: Chick-fil-A Vs. The Muppets.

So here’s the dilly-o. As most of you know by now, The President of the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A caused a bit of a dust up a few days back… Company president Dan Cathy told a Baptist website the Atlanta-based restaurant … Continue reading

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Ronny Cox’s Birthday and a folk song pitch.

So I’m on the Twitter tonight and I see Drew McWeeny tweet the following… It’s Ronny Cox’s birthday today. First official celebrity interview I ever did, when I was 17 years old. He’s awesome. And that made me smile.  Because … Continue reading

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The Aurora Shooting and The Proper Uses of Politicalization.

The shooting in Aurora, Colorado this past Thursday has gut punched us all. I can tell you that it’s especially hit the Film Geek community hard.  For us, a movie theater is a holy place and this act of butchery is … Continue reading

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Short personal note for July 19th.

  Went to the Doctor last week as a follow up to my blood tests. As mentioned before, my triglycerides are at 257 but as it turns out, that’s about fifty lower than when I had blood work done in 2008. … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh: And George Soros once bought an airline…like that guy in “Inception”!

Sweet Zombie Jesus… Okay, Let’s break this down… The character Bane was created in 1993. The character was used in the 1997 film “Batman and Robin”. The shooting began in December of 2010. A full year before the GOP Primaries even … Continue reading

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