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“Atlas Shrugged” Producer tells critics to go Galt themselves.

Apparently, the free market has spoken.  And it’s told the guy who made “Atlas Shrugged: Part One” that he sucks the ass of a dead donkey. EXCLUSIVE: Twelve days after opening “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1,” the producer of the Ayn … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: April 26, 2010. (All Geek Edition.)

Okay, I’ve been lax on posting the last few days.  So here’s a palate cleanser before we move on to the heavy stuff.  (And trust me cats and kitties, the heavy stuff is a coming.) -First off, kudos and huzzahs … Continue reading

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Michigan: Let’s leave out the Hitler.

Watching “Maddow” talk tonight on the continuing disenfranchisement of Benton Harbor. And it’s playing out like a nightmare. (Sorry, the MSNBC Videos don’t embed in WordPress but please follow this link to where I have posted it on my Tumblr … Continue reading

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Michigan: Lapping Wisconsin in Awful.

You ever have one of those days when you’re at the kitchen table, trying to do your monthly bills.  And your teen-aged son or daughter is playing some God awful piece of crap like Madonna Live: The Broken Hip Tour … Continue reading

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The President’s budget speech: A bump or a pivot?

Okay, I admit it.  I was impressed. It’s like the Obama from 2008 finally clawed his way out of the attic, punched out the guy who’s been playing him since, let’s say, just after the Health Care Reform fight started … Continue reading

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Shutdown averted…on to the next fight.

-The good news: We didn’t have a shut down. The slightly better news.  It looks like the cuts that happened aren’t as bad as we’ve been expecting. (Via The Reid Report. H/T to Taiping2 on the Twitter machine for the … Continue reading

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A few words before we reach the cliff…

In a few hours, barring some last minute breakthrough, the America Government will shut down. And to those of you who are cheering for this situation, let me just say, you’re wrong. From President Obama’s remarks last night. I want … Continue reading

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Idiots to the right of me, thugs to to the left of me…

I can’t even work up the energy to pretend to be surprised by this. KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — At least 10 people have been killed and 83 wounded in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, officials said on Saturday, on a second … Continue reading

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