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Goodbye to all that.

You know, I was going to write Part Two of my year end wrap today.  But then I remembered, “Wait, I have pizza to eat and the last part of Season Five of Doctor Who to get through!”. Needless to … Continue reading

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2010: Goodbye, Farewell and Fuck Off! Part One

As 2010 shambles over the horizon like a tweaked out hobo, let’s take a moment to look at the year past. Worst ecological disaster: The BP spill which has effectively turned the Gulf of Mexico into a dead zone. Worst … Continue reading

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My very short response to the FCC’s new “Net Neutrality” rules.

If you can still read this, they haven’t taken effect yet.

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“No, go ahead. Ask. I’ll tell..”

Yeah, posting has been light but what do you want from me?  It’s the holidays!  But I have to break radio silence for this.  To all my Gay and Lesbian friends, may I say congratulations!  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is … Continue reading

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REPOST: AV Treatment for the Christmas Blahs.

(Yeah, it’s a repost from last year.  But I’ve added one new selection and and linked to the proper Netflix pages.  Don’t say I never do nothing for you.)   Christmas got you down?  Yeah, me too.  Here’s some stuff … Continue reading

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A sudden holiday thought…

If you support Military action towards Iran and continued involvement in Afghanistan BUT still send Christmas cards that say “Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men”, I think you are missing the point of the holiday. EDIT: Rewritten for clarity. 1:40 … Continue reading

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Finished cutting the first of the Seattle Videos.  Here’s some added notes. -The actual night of the open mike, I actually got full interviews with Derek Sheen and Travis Simmons, as well as a friend of Jake’s named Moricieco. (Who’s … Continue reading

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