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Sarah Palin, Dog-footstool and loving the rubes.

So over New Years Eve, Sarah Palin posts a photo on her Facebook page of her son, Trig standing on the family dog to reach the kitchen sink. Because..why the hell not?  PETA blasted Palin for the photo in a … Continue reading

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Cliven Bundy and the one thing he knows about “The Negros”.

Say kids, You know about the Cliven Bundy? The guy who’s turned a dispute over grazing fees into an armed stand-off with Federal Agents.  Well, The New York Times talked to the guy. And the results were…well, if you been following the … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned while blocked.

-Apparently, the less you write, the worse your writer’s block gets. -When you say that you are going to write a post a day, it would be a good idea to actually do that. -Video games are fun once in … Continue reading

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Daddy has been woolgathering…

Yeah.  I know. No posting. The truth is that all the insane crap that’s been happening this month, (Rumblings of another Debt Limit fight. Net Neutrality getting kicked it the nuts. Hedge fund guy comparing the fight against income inequality … Continue reading

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Bryan Fischer: One plot of land, One vote.

So I’m checking my Facebook feed this afternoon and I come across this… “You know, back in the day, in the colonial period,” Fischer said, “you have to be a landowner, a property owner to be eligible to vote and … Continue reading

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The Debt Limit vote and how Greg Walden failed the Kobayashi Maru.

Well, it’s over. After weeks of stalemate that shuttered the government for 16 days and brought the nation within hours of a key deadline to renew its borrowing authority, the standoff is finally over. President Barack Obama has signed into … Continue reading

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@RepGregWalden lies on Fox News.

At 1:40 of this segment on the October 10th episode of “Hannity”, Rep Greg Walden comes right out of the gate lies by saying this country “We have a huge deficit problem, a huge spending problem”. When actually, we didn't. … Continue reading

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