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My no good, very bad, deeply shitty mood.

WARNING: WHAT FOLLOWS IS PURE VENTING! How foul a mood am I in today? Let me count the ways. 1. For the last week, my in box has been filling up with various Mother’s Day offers.  Discounts on flowers, electronics, … Continue reading

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President Obama: Here we go again.

Yeah.  Good speech. And yes, at this point, saying Obama can give a good speech is like saying Jessica Alba has a nice tush.  The default response to either statement is “So…?” Yes, he defended Medicare and Social Security.  But … Continue reading

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Beating the heat…before it beats me.

Summer has not so much marched into Ashland as it has smashed in the door and planted its foot firmly on my neck and demanded a gallon of my sweat as tribute for my continued existence. It has been a … Continue reading

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It’s not the heat…it’s the existential dread…

This past Saturday, I got the result of my blood tests following up on my recent Urinary Tract Infection.  They were for the most part, good. My cholesterol is fine. (The good cholesterol is low but so is the bad.) My Triglycerides are another … Continue reading

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“Would you like some Haggis with your crow, Mr. Trump?”

For the most part, the universe is indifferent to our sufferings.  But occasionally, it can provide balance. Today, that balance could be found in the halls of the Scottish Parliament. And the Karmic Piñata was Donald Trump. Donald Trump on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that.

You know, I was going to write Part Two of my year end wrap today.  But then I remembered, “Wait, I have pizza to eat and the last part of Season Five of Doctor Who to get through!”. Needless to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Robert Gibbs.

Dear Mr. Gibbs: Okay.  I get it. You’re pissed and you chose an interview with “The Hill” to unload on us.  You guys have been on the grind since January of 09.  You’ve chalked up some solid wins.  And yet, … Continue reading

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