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Gay Marriage, scared Christians and The Death of Gods.

Via Think Progress… As the Supreme Court weighs the merits of allowing gay and lesbian Americans the freedom to marry, right-wing anti-equality advocates are cranking the fearmongering up to 11, claiming that a world of marriage equality is one that … Continue reading

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The Kill the Gays bill and that awkward moment when you have to scream about the limits of religion.

I’m going to warn you up front.  I’m about to piss a lot of people off. But we have reached a point where lines need to be drawn, markers need to be laid and things have to be spelled out … Continue reading

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PROFILES IN DICKISHNESS: Chick-fil-A Vs. The Muppets.

So here’s the dilly-o. As most of you know by now, The President of the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A caused a bit of a dust up a few days back… Company president Dan Cathy told a Baptist website the Atlanta-based restaurant … Continue reading

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Repost for 2012: Doctor Doolittle would hit that…

In honor of Obama’s recent flag planting on Gay Marriage, I’d like to share this piece I wrote back in 2006. One or two of the cultural references are dated but I think the points are still valid. Okay, here’s … Continue reading

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Obama (finally) finishes evolving on same sex marriage.

We had this last night. (Via the Blogrolled Jonathan Turley.) North Carolina yesterday became the 30th state to ban same-sex marriage. Early results showed the amendment to its Constitution passing overwhelmingly by as much as 61 percent. The popularity of … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: February 9, 2012. (Extra Frothy Edition.)

-The biggest thing we can take away from the primaries in the midwest the other night?  People really, really do not like Mitt Romney. Rick Santorum swept three nominating contests held Tuesday evening, upsetting frontrunner Mitt Romney and injecting new … Continue reading

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Dear Gay Marriage Opponents: Stop outing yourselves!

First off, Congrats to the people of the Great State of New York for finally joining the Twenty-First century and legalizing same sex marriage. My delight in your in your triumph is offset only by my annoyance that California…FOR THE … Continue reading

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