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J.J. Abrams directing “Star Wars”? Okay…

I’m late to the party on this.  (And a lot of other things including a “Listmaking” post.  But I’m trying to get back in the groove so bear with me.) But I do have to chime in about the news … Continue reading

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Blu-Ray pile: Looper (Johnson, 2012.)

In another universe, there exists a big budget studio of this film that does far less with its concept then you expect. A version where the digital eye candy takes precedent over characterization and where action kabuki takes the place … Continue reading

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My very short response to the failure of filibuster reform vis a vis Harry Reid’s failure of will.

We should have taken the hit from Sharon Engel.

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Oh crap! Not another post about that jackass, Ted Nugent! Oh, lord. Have we not suffered enough?

Seriously?  We’re going through this shit again? Via Aging rocker and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent is threatening to take up arms against President Obama, telling an interviewer that America’s  44th president “hangs out with communists” and “hates … Continue reading

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President Obama: Here we go again.

Yeah.  Good speech. And yes, at this point, saying Obama can give a good speech is like saying Jessica Alba has a nice tush.  The default response to either statement is “So…?” Yes, he defended Medicare and Social Security.  But … Continue reading

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Listmaking as a vehicle for self improvement. Week Three..

Yeah, I fell way short this week. 1. Four posts on the blog. (Not counting a List entry.) Missed by one. Fallen Short! 2. Proper testing of the Stedicam Rig. Didn’t do.  In fairness, it’s been colder then usual in … Continue reading

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Additions to the Blu-Ray library.

Thanks to at least three hundred dollars in gift cards, (From work and family for Xmas.), I was able to expand my Blu-Ray library.  Needless to say, I am pleased with what I got. WHAT I’VE ALREADY SEEN! INDIANA JONES: … Continue reading

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