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What? Democrats showing message discipline? SHOCKING!

Next thing you know, the New York Times will be complaining that the Dems are calling water “wet” and slasher flicks “Kind of stabby”. Um, senators, ever heard of the mute button? Moments before a conference call with reporters was … Continue reading

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Obama’s speech last night…

Shorter version for the left: Look, I’m not that idiot cracker, Bush.  We are not setting foot one on Libyan soil.  And I’m not going to spend years rebuilding the place. So please, knock off the Bush’s Third Term horsecrap. … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: March 23, 2011. (The “Holy Crap, I’m behind” edition.)

-Wow. Libya…so that happened. To be honest, I am deeply ambivalent about this whole thing.  On the one hand, holy shit, we’re in another war in the Middle East!  On the other hand, Kaddafi is a murderous son of a … Continue reading

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A lame housekeeping post.

You know how occasionally, I fall into a fallow period in blogging.  And I wind up writing a post offering apologies, lame excuses and end it with a cute animal video? Yeah.  This is one of those posts. Seriously, can … Continue reading

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Announcement: MOVEON.COM Rally in Ashland, Or!

WHEN: Today, March 15th at four thirty. WHERE: The Downtown Plaza. WHY: You want a list? Union Busting in Wisconsin. Governor Rick Snyder’s attempt to turn Michigan into a Corporate Fascist state. (And believe me, I am not using the … Continue reading

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Take a moment and please look at this… You can’t even see any white peaks in this wave.  How could you? The water is so choked with debris that peaks can’t form on the surface.  It looks less like a … Continue reading

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Wisconsin! Shit just got real!

Via Dave Weigel at Slate… Up to now, the Budget Repair Bill in Wisconsin has been frozen because all fourteen Senate Democrats will not return to the state to negotiate it. There’s no quorum — the bill, which consists of … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: March 7, 2011.

– We got hit with snow in Ashland last week.  And I got footage of the snowaggedon on the way home from the job. As far as I’m concerned, any snow that falls after December 26th is a waste of … Continue reading

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My insanely subjective list of favorite movies. Part One: THE RED BALLOON & CASINO

This is the first of a series of blog posts I’m doing in conjuncture with a new list on my MUBI page. I hope you enjoy then When you see a movie, there are actually two movies being experienced. The … Continue reading

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