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Take a look at this clip and then catch up with me below. This is Bill O’Reilly talking with Caroline Fredrickson of the American Constitutional Society.  In a nutshell, after dismissing her analysis of the Individual Mandate, he predicted that SCOTUS would … Continue reading

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Fox News: Creating Cognitive Dissonance since 1996.

-It’s no surprise.  But it’s nice to have the hard data at your fingertips. (Via The Huffington Post.) Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don’t watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University. The … Continue reading

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Dear Gay Marriage Opponents: Stop outing yourselves!

First off, Congrats to the people of the Great State of New York for finally joining the Twenty-First century and legalizing same sex marriage. My delight in your in your triumph is offset only by my annoyance that California…FOR THE … Continue reading

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-My take on the State of the Union?  Eh. Not terrible but not great.  Yeah, I love the fact that President Obama wants to more fully in infrastructure.  But how he intends on doing it with a five year spending … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that.

You know, I was going to write Part Two of my year end wrap today.  But then I remembered, “Wait, I have pizza to eat and the last part of Season Five of Doctor Who to get through!”. Needless to … Continue reading

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In honor of the Holiday Season-HEROES OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

This is a short I did last year.  Please enjoy.

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Bllbo losing it over an iPod?

Sad but true. Check the video below. (H/T to Daily Kos.) First off, Bill. You would not have been beheaded. You would have been burned as a witch for making strange sounds come forth from a glowing brick.Second, what’s wrong … Continue reading

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Random Notes 3-25-09

-Biggest take away from Obama’s press conference tonight. Having two young children have really prepared him for dealing with the Beltway press corp. -Favorite moment. If that’s not a clear break from the last guy in charge, I don’t know … Continue reading

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Score one for the hot chick!

This story makes me ten kinds of happy! Jessica Alba is setting the record straight: Sweden was neutral during World War II. Alba and Fox TV show host Bill O’Reilly traded punches last week after the presidential inauguration. After Alba … Continue reading

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