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Putin on the Spot.

I’m not going to lie. The last couple of weeks following this Syria nonsense has left me feeling more frazzled then usual. Seriously, last weekend I had real bacon and eggs for the first time in months. There’s nothing like … Continue reading

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The Kill the Gays bill and that awkward moment when you have to scream about the limits of religion.

I’m going to warn you up front.  I’m about to piss a lot of people off. But we have reached a point where lines need to be drawn, markers need to be laid and things have to be spelled out … Continue reading

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Boston on equality and Chick-fil-A: You’re doing it wrong.

To my friends on the left side of the fence who are overly gleeful about this… A letter from Mayor Menino derided Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy for recent “prejudiced statements” against same-sex marriage, which has been legal in Massachusetts since … Continue reading

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PROFILES IN DICKISHNESS: Chick-fil-A Vs. The Muppets.

So here’s the dilly-o. As most of you know by now, The President of the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A caused a bit of a dust up a few days back… Company president Dan Cathy told a Baptist website the Atlanta-based restaurant … Continue reading

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“No, go ahead. Ask. I’ll tell..”

Yeah, posting has been light but what do you want from me?  It’s the holidays!  But I have to break radio silence for this.  To all my Gay and Lesbian friends, may I say congratulations!  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is … Continue reading

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Don’t ask…Don’t tell…still.

Yes, it’s time for another exciting episode of “Goddamn White People”… WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked an effort by Democrats and the White House to lift the ban on gays from serving openly in the military, voting unanimously against … Continue reading

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– Oh, HELL NO!!! (Via Julian Sanchez at”The American Prospect.) They’re calling it a tweak — a “technical clarification” — but make no mistake: The Obama administration and the FBI’s demand that Congress approve a huge expansion of their authority … Continue reading

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