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The Texas GOP takes a position…and it’s Missionary.

(WARNING: This next post contains graphic descriptions of sexual practices, some foul language and at least one joke involving the word “titmouse”.) Wow…Just Wow!  (H/T to Raw Story.) Texas Republicans are a conservative lot. Still, it’s difficult to imagine mainstream … Continue reading

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A personal update…

Here’s what’s going on in my personal space. -It looks like one of my short comedy pieces is going to be part of an evening of One-Acts over at Camelot Theater in Talent.  I don’t have any dates yet and … Continue reading

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The GOP has now confirmed that it is a party entirely composed of dicks. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that Democrats are giving up on trying to break a Republican filibuster of a bill to reauthorize several … Continue reading

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For sucidal meat lovers who don’t have the balls to eat a gun, here’s the next best thing…

I get it.We live in terrifying times.  And we seek to hide from those terrors by losing ourselves in the pleasures of the flesh.  I understand that.  Hell my weekend fry-ups with real bacon and eggs are what has kept … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know…

No excuses for not posting for a solid week.  Unless you consider burn out a reasonable excuse.Regular posting will hopefully resume this week.  (And I will try to bang out a longer post tonight.)  The only thing is that I’ve … Continue reading

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"Atlas Shrugged" and so did I…

It’s official.  A film version of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” is coming to theaters soon…with a five million dollar budget and directed by a guy who’s previous work has been episodes of “One Tree Hill”. (H/T to Variety reports … Continue reading

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-The last four days have been a technological pain in the ass.  I sent the MacBook back to Apple because the Optical Disc Drive has been out of whack.  (I have four video projects that I need to burn to … Continue reading

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Fuck it! I got nothing…

The BP oil spill? Yeah, I know.  Sucks don’t it?Israel firing on unarmed activists trying to deliver aid to Gaza?  Yeah, what a bunch of assholes.The above in a nutshell, is why blogging has been light this past week.  Because … Continue reading

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