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Hulu Plus is about to turn into a Hulu Minus.

(H/T to Drew McWeeny for throwing this up on his Twitter feed.) Via The Mary Sue: It looks like that if you want to enjoy Hulu Plus in the future, you have to pay for cable. Hulu provides ad-supported content in … Continue reading

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John Edwards, “Two Americas” and the Moon.

The John Edwards trial moves along with the speedy sadness of a grieving widow strapped to a rocket bike. (Via The New York Times.) GREENSBORO, N.C. — For hour after grueling hour, Andrew Young sat on the witness stand in a … Continue reading

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“Would you like some Haggis with your crow, Mr. Trump?”

For the most part, the universe is indifferent to our sufferings.  But occasionally, it can provide balance. Today, that balance could be found in the halls of the Scottish Parliament. And the Karmic Piñata was Donald Trump. Donald Trump on Wednesday … Continue reading

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“My stage name is Trixie but my friends call me Che.”

It looks like the GOP War on Women is about to enter the hand to hand combat phase in Tampa. Across the Tampa Bay region, many of the estimated 50 strip establishments are upgrading lighting, hiring dancers and creating private … Continue reading

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NETFLIX SUNDAY: “Battle Beyond the Stars”.

Back in the good old days, (Pre Internet and On Demand streaming video.) when one was struck with insomnia, the closest thing to a remedy would be a cup of tea, a slice of pie and a cheesy B-Movie on the … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: April 21, 2012.

-Just a reminder that I’m running a Blog Fundraising Drive for the next several days to help pay for the $950 Ambulance bill I’m facing.  If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know this isn’t something I … Continue reading

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Blog Fundraising Time!

I’m am writing this through gritted teeth. I wish I didn’t have to do this but I do. As most of you know, a few weeks ago I had to go to the Emergency Room for chest pains. I managed … Continue reading

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