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In which your humble narrator explains his lack of posting by pointing out that his brain is eating him alive.

Five hours. That’s all the sleep I got today. Five Goddamn hours. And this has been the Status Que for the last three weeks. The only theory I have is this. Every year before this, I would spend the week … Continue reading

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Hitting a wall repeatly with my head…

Yes, it’s been light posting here the last couple of weeks and in an attempt to restart the engine, I’m going to write about why I haven’t been writing lately. Then for an encore, I’m going to whack off to … Continue reading

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#occupyboston turns into a wicked pissah.

I always get nervous when talking about Veterans participating in a political event that I’m sympathetic to.  Simply because after years of watching the GOP use them for props to justify any damn fool idea they came up with,  (Hack*Iraq*cough.) … Continue reading

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My belated post on #occupywallstreet. (EDIT: With extra video.)

-Remember what I said a few months ago when all kinds of Holy Hell broke loose in Wisconsin? -Sometimes Democracy is going to a ballot box.  Sometimes, it’s showing up for planning commission meeting.  Or giving money to a candidate … Continue reading

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