"Sometimes you want to just want to keep walking…"

(The Peggy Noonan bit that I talk about starts at 2:52 but you do need to see the whole clip for context.)

I don’t know what I find more offensive about Peggy Noonan in this clip. The fact that she’s saying that we should just ignore what’s happened in the last eight years. Or that she said it in that infuriating rueful yet superior, oh-I-am-too-good-for-this-world tone that makes her sound like a freshman English major drunk on Existentialism and absinthe.
But even that pales to her response to Cokie Roberts saying that some people need to be held responsible. She says “Some of life has to be mysterious”.
Let me retype that and slap some italics on it.
“Some of life has to be mysterious”.
Ms. Noonan, with all due respect, kindly go fuck yourself sideways!
You do not take one of the most horrifying chapters in recent history and speak of it in terms usually reserved for for shadows of fauns in sylvan glens!
Look, you doe eyed bint! Human beings were taken into dark rooms, stripped naked, had their faces covered with towels and drenched in water to simulate drowning in our names, in my name! And you’re brushing it off with terms best suited for faeries and elves!
Look, Noonan. I know that you made your bones writing speeches for Ronald Reagan. Tossing out colorful metaphors about morning in America while his Government supported the Contras in Nicaragua. I know you want to believe that the Republicans can take this country back to some idealized 1950’s Ozzie and Harriett style ideal.
Well, sorry sister. But the last bunch in charge took that dream out into a field and put a bullet in it’s brains.
And I am certain a part of you is disgusted by the turn for the crazy the party has taken in the last few months but it won’t be saved by shielding your eyes. We need to purge this poison from the body politic or else the sickness will return. And the next time, we may not be able to stop it!
I’m sorry to be the Stanley Kowalski to your Blanche Dubois. But I cannot let you hand a colored light over this atrocity. So drop the airy-fairy attiude and sack the fuck up!


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