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A very brief note about the “GoDaddy” Superbowl ad.

Nice try trying make nice with the nerd community GoDaddy. But we still remember how you supported SOPA in 2011.  Frankly, your next commercial could have me making out with Bar Refaeli and I still wouldn’t use your company. To … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: January 21, 2010.

-Been fighting off a cold for the last three days which has required me to ingest amounts of the generic equivalent of Nyquil. Which means my time has been divided between sleeping and coughing. Broken up with the occasion online … Continue reading

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A SOPA related update. PLEASE SHARE AND RT!

Tomorrow, This blog will be dark in protest of the upcoming vote in The Senate of the SOPA bill. Although support for this bill has been hemorrhaging, it looks like Lamar Smith is still trying to push it through. So we … Continue reading

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Protect IP and Indefinite Detention OR “Why did the Senate pick this week to break my balls”.

Okay, here’s the fucking shot! Two bills are hitting the Senate this week and both are an affront to Democracy as we know it. The first is the  National Defense  Authorization Act.  In itself, usually not controversial.  It’s just re-authorizing … Continue reading

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A Brief Commercial Announcement for Net Neutrality. (UPDATED.)

Will be resuming fuller posting this week and may throw up something later today.  But first, I have to pass this on. This Tuesday, The Senate is voting on a resolution of disapproval by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to strip … Continue reading

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2010: Goodbye, Farewell and Fuck off! Part Two.

Now where was I?  Oh yeah… The biggest non oil “Holy Shit, We’re Fucked!” moment: The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of “Citizens United Vs Federal Election Committee” which grants corporations the same rights as individuals and makes it … Continue reading

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My very short response to the FCC’s new “Net Neutrality” rules.

If you can still read this, they haven’t taken effect yet.

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