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"Hello…Is this thing on…"

Yes, I know.The posting has been non-existent as of late and I need to get the shoulder back on the grindstone.The only excuse I have is that for the past week, Ashland has been hit with a heat wake that … Continue reading

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GOP: No medicine is good medicine.

-Seriously, Sen. DeMint, Seriously! That’s how you’re going to play this? You are going to actively try to block much needed health care reform just to stick it to Obama. Forgetting that a majority of Americans favor it?That sir, is … Continue reading

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"But to even things out, he made Shia LaBeouf vacuum out the ashtrays…"

Meagan Fox washes Michael Bay’s car for role in “Transformers”?I think we now have a winner for the most cringe inducing showbiz story of the year. “But the star’s start in Hollywood was anything but glamorous, after director Michael Bay … Continue reading

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"When the Riff meets the Raff"…or "How to turn your brain into tapocia pudding why making fun of a girdle wearing George Reeves for fun and profit?"

As some of you might know, I’ve been absent from blogging for a couple of weeks because I’ve been busy writing and recording (Mostly writing.) my first iRiff for the Rifftrax web site. For those of you not in the … Continue reading

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Why interns on "The O’Reily Factor" will be avoiding eye contact with their boss this week.

Translated into English. “I’m a dedicated journalist and he’s a former hippie who wrote jokes for cokeheads. Why do people take him more seriously than me?”Probably because the laughs he got as a comedian were intentional. As far as any … Continue reading

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Why I haven’t posted for twelve days…

Because I’ve been busy getting this done! Ah, the fifties. A simpler time when a young man from Memphis could drive both teenie boppers and matrons alike coo-coo crazy with a hip swivel. When teenage couples could share a milk … Continue reading

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