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My Awsome Thanksgiving Dinner.

What do you get when you add one chicken, A box of stuffing, a cup of turkey sausage, a pound of Land of Lakes butter, a bottle of sparkling apple cider and “The Pink Panther Strikes Again” on the Instant … Continue reading

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The obligatory Thanksgiving “What I’m Thankful for” list.

-My job at (REDACTED.) which pays reasonably well and has terrific benefits. -My Apartment which is warm, comfortable and has Broadband. -The continued reasonably good health of my Mother who manages to keep going despite Diabetes and Breast Cancer.  (The … Continue reading

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-There’s a moment in the first “Men in Black” movie where Tommy Lee Jones, while showing Will Smith various alien gee-gaws points to a small disc playing device and say “This here will eventually replace CD’s”.  He then ruefully adds … Continue reading

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Repost: “And your host is BOB WILKINS”.

I’m reposting this because it’s is one of my favorite pieces.  Please enjoy. This one I gotta tell you. When I was just a wee boy, still in elementary school, I was crazy about anything sci-fi and horror. (Although my … Continue reading

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Why I may not be blogging about Politics for a while…

I think it was about ten minutes into Olbermann tonight. He was just finishing up the segment with Ezra Klein about the possibility of the Obama administration and Congressional Dems rolling over on the Bush Tax Cuts (You know, the … Continue reading

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My short and succinct take on the Deficit Commission.

You know that dang fence John McCain wants us to build on the Mexican border? In three years, Canada will start work on theirs. Also, Alan Simpson can eat a bowl of dicks.

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Sucker Punch-ed, Part Deux.

Two full trailers and I’m still on the fence about this movie. Yes, you do get a better sense of the basic plot outline.  And you also get several seconds to bask in the coolness that is Scott Glenn. But … Continue reading

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MIDTERMS:…well…that happened…

Okay, let’s get the angry shit out of the way first.  To every single twenty something hipster who voted for Obama in ’08  but was too butt hurt to vote this year… FUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOUFUCKYOU!! No, seriously!  Fuck you! You’re disappointed in … Continue reading

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One final thought on the day of…

As you go to the polls tomorrow, keep this in mind. The GOP has tried to block every major policy initiative offered by the Democrats, threatened to privatize Social Security, eliminate the minimum wage, block clean energy and shut down … Continue reading

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