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Health Care Reform Event in Ashland, Or. August 22, 2009

Shot last week but posting now. I split it up in five pieces because I felt it was important to have all of Sen. Bates remarks preserved. Please feel free to pass along.

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Ted Kennedy: 1932-2009

Seriously, God. You couldn’t have waited a little while longer… Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, a son of one of the most storied families in American politics, a man who knew triumph and tragedy in near-equal measure and who … Continue reading

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"Inglourious Basterds"

Short version: It’s a film destined to piss off both History and English teachers. Slightly longer version: It’s Tarantino putting every World War II film trope into a cocktail shaker and then putting that in a paint mixing machine and … Continue reading

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From her Wikipedia Page. Nanci Caroline Griffith, (born July 6, 1953 in Seguin, Texas) is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter from Austin, Texas. Griffith’s career has spanned a variety of musical genres, predominantly country, Folk, and what she terms … Continue reading

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-Remember in the old “Popeye” cartoons when Popeye would say “That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!” and then pop some spinach and then deliver a red ass beat down to Bluto? Well, it looks like someone’s … Continue reading

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Geeks getting jiggy with it!

(H/T to the “Wheaton”.) Felicia Day…YOU COMPLETE ME!!!!

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A response from Jeff Merkley.

I had dropped a note to Jeff Merkley (D-Or.) yesterday and I was going to supplement it with a call to his office today. But it looks like he’s saving me the trouble. Dear Richard, Thank you for contacting me … Continue reading

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Hey, White House! Seriously…SERIOUSLY!! First, you’ve got Obama at a town hall in Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday saying this… “All I’m saying is, though, that the public option, whether we have it or we don’t have it, is not … Continue reading

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"District 9"

I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that it’s a balls-out Science Fiction epic made for just thirty million dollars…. OR… That you managed to turn a mid-level bureaucrat into a genre hero. Well played, Mr. Blomkamp. Now get … Continue reading

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An open letter to Sarah Palin.

Dear Ms. Palin: Well. By now, your little mash note on Facebook has been thoroughly and righteously debunked and Mr. Olbermann has manged to, in his own whimsical style, give you the rhetorical equivalent of a public flogging. EDIT: 8-6-10 … Continue reading

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