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Hey, Max! You listening?

Hey Baucus.  You feel like that ad is too harsh towards you?  Well, tough titty said the kitty! The entire morning of the Senate Finance Committee mark up was dominated with heated debate about Rockefeller’s robust public option amendment. Most … Continue reading

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A quick commerical annoucement…

I’ve got some stuff coming down the pipeline but in the meantime… For those of you who didn’t hear or don’t have him on your Twitter feed, Joel Watson, the creator of the webcomic “Hijinks Ensue” wound up going to … Continue reading

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Mackenzie Phillips and the limits of snark.

Uh…ahh…eh…You know what?  Fuck it.  I got nothing.It’s a sad and appalling story and anything I could come up with, however clever would just be hurtful.It would be one thing if if was Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh or some … Continue reading

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Mike Schwartz: Missing the point on porn.

-I’m sorry? The porn makes you what?  (H/T to David Neiwert at “Crooks and Liars”) EDIT 8-6-10 Embed didn’t survive import to WordPress.  Click here to see Tom Coburn’s chief of staff warns Values Voters: Porn makes you queer! … Continue reading

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Noonan, why must you make me Stanley to your Blanche?

-Peggy Noonan strikes again!! Typical Noonan.  Obama is finally…finally getting his face out there and making the case for health care reform and she’s sounding like he just belched during “La Traviata”. (By the way, for those concerned the clip … Continue reading

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My pithy one sentence reaction to Max Baucus’ HCR bill.

It’s not a reform bill, it’s a suicide note. I will expand on this when my head stops hurting.

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-Currently in the process of nailing down stuff I want to do during my upcoming vacation and I managed to stumble on something that sounds kind of awesome. LASER LIGHT SHOW!!! Yes, I am aware that just typing the words, … Continue reading

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Calls to Merkley and Wyden. 09/15/09

Okay, here’s my update.I called Jeff Merkley’s office today.  The woman I talked to (Forgot your name.  Sorry friendy staffer.) said, in a nutshell, that he is working hard to make sure that a public option is still in the … Continue reading

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Obama’s speech and the whiny bastards.

Well, there’s no denying that Obama’s speech on Wednesday was effective. He got a bump in the polls and he did talk up the Public Option.Unfortunately, he also said this… To my progressive friends, I would remind you that for … Continue reading

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Patrick Swayze. 1952-2009

Christmas will not be the same without you. Pass on, Mr. Swayze.  Pass on lightly.

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