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Personal Video Dump: Behind the Scenes and a trailer.

First off: This is the behind the scenes Documentary short I did of the Staged Reading at Camelot a couple of months ago. My only regret is that I was unable to go to any of the rehearsals during the … Continue reading

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Midterms…yeah, I’m done with that.

I closed my last post on the 18th with this… And of course, I also have to play catch up on my political blogging.  And with 15 days before the election, I have plenty to talk about. So stay tuned, … Continue reading

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Annnnddd….we’re back!

After a twelve hour train trip from Seattle, followed by a restful night at a Klamath Falls motel and topped off by a slightly disappointing shuttle trip home (No wi-fi on the bus like last year.), I made it home … Continue reading

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SEATTLE BITCHES!! Sunday and Monday

SUNDAY: The open mike day was began low key with me finishing up a couple bits on the routine.  Specifically, one word on a bit. How do you run with an anti blowjow campaign?  It’s like running against puppies and … Continue reading

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SEATTLE, BITCHES!!!: Travel day and Saturday.

-I am currently in the gorgeous city of Seattle, Washington.  A little more relaxed than I was two days ago and freshly sated by French Bread Pizza and Garlic Bread.  And why the knot of tension located in the back … Continue reading

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-A couple quick things before I bolt for the Train Station. -This could be considered a very close call. ABC News has learned that President Obama will not sign – or “pocket veto” — a bill that sailed through Congress … Continue reading

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Another Vacation Update…

Posting this week will be light this week, because I’m in full prep mode for the Seattle Vacation that starts this Friday.  I’m still finishing up the stand up routine that I’m doing for the open mike on Sunday at … Continue reading

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