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-Went to the Ashland Community Hospital ER yesterday morning to get checked for possible swine flu. The test consisted of saline being put up my nose and then sucked out by a tube.Not the best way to spend a Tuesday … Continue reading

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Reason #37 why the current crop of Republicans suck.

They knocked Pandemic Preparedness off the Stimulus package. The attack on pandemic preparation became so central to the GOP strategies that AP reported in February: “Republicans, meanwhile, plan to push for broader and deeper tax cuts, to trim major spending … Continue reading

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Great singer. Great Musician. And in the sexiness department makes Madonna look like a crack whore.

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A Chaplin Remix!

H/T to Harry Knowles.

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"Sometimes you want to just want to keep walking…"

(The Peggy Noonan bit that I talk about starts at 2:52 but you do need to see the whole clip for context.) I don’t know what I find more offensive about Peggy Noonan in this clip. The fact that she’s … Continue reading

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Today’s dose of pure stupid: Cow farts cause Global Warming.

John Boehner on ABC this weekend. (H/T to Daily Kos.) EDIT: 8-6-10 Embed didn’t survive transfer to WordPress.  Here’s the link to… Boehner: Cow farts prove CO2 doesn’t cause climate change Okay, let me break this down for you. Yes, … Continue reading

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Reason #69 why I hate teabaggers!

Because they took something as beautiful as a man putting his testicles into someone’s mouth…and made it something dirty!! By the way, if Google sent you here and you were expecting something else, sorry.

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