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No I am not dead…

At least not in the physical sense.But this past week, following the Heath Care fight in the Senate (Particularity the machinations of Joe “Cock Eating Shit Weasel” Lieberman.) has quite literally knocked the fight out of me.  To the extent … Continue reading

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–  Have at it, nerds! Senate Democrats’ Health Care Reform Bill                                                                                                                     … Continue reading

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"On the plus side, if you don’t go outside, the angry robots can’t rip you in half."

For those looking for comments on recent political events, shine on.  I’m currently having an attack of “Fuck all those miserable cocksuckers” and am in no mood to deal with any of it right now.  This will be a geek … Continue reading

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-First off.  Really, Larry King?  Mr. Softball himself is being inappropriate?  The man has the attack instincts of a tribble.  Whatever you do. don’t get in the same room with Katie Couric.  Post-Palin, she still has the taste of blood … Continue reading

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I’m horribly late on this.  But for our Veterans and fallen ones, better words than I could muster from Wilford Owen. What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?  Only the monstrous anger of the guns.  Only the stuttering rifles’ … Continue reading

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My Guys on Stupak-Pitts.

Okay, I called the Medford offices of my Senate guys. I spoke to a staffer named Amy.   She told me that he does not support the language in the Stupak-Pitts Amendment and will do everything possible to keep the Senate … Continue reading

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*A flawed but good bill with a poison pill Amendment stuck in the middle of it. Yes.  Blessed be for a 220-215 vote that moved things forward.  And God knows it makes a reasonably decent start at reforming our broken … Continue reading

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On the off year elections…

The Virgina Governor race: Clearly a Democrat losing after running to the right of Obama clearly means bad news for Obama? By that logic, me not banging Angelina Jolie because I’m not Brad Pitt is clearly bad news for Brad … Continue reading

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Well, I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning calling everyone on yesterday’s list to get Kucinich’s Single Payer amendment back in the House Bill. And I made sure to call the Washington offices just so they could be counted … Continue reading

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The Public Option(ish.) gets more ish!

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy So let me get this straight.  The Public Option (Not the Medicare+5 version.  The weaker one that made it into the final House bill.) that we’ve been fighting … Continue reading

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