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Trying to get back in the flow…

You know, I figured that post vacation I’d have this sudden burst of creative energy and just start churning stuff out. Turns out, not so much. First off, it turns out that when you reach reach a certain age and … Continue reading

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Disneyland or Bust!

Well, I’m happy to report that the vacation to Disneyland was (Plus or minus the odd hiccup.) a success. Four days of thrill rides, fatty foods and Disney Princesses ogled from a respectful distance. I can honestly say that the … Continue reading

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Disneyland Trip Update.

Yeah, I was trying to squeeze out a post about The Death Penalty cock-up in Oklahoma before I left on vacation. But apparently every time I try to work on it, my brain starts screaming at me like Sgt. Hartman … Continue reading

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