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On the 2011 Oscars….

Three things I learned tonight watching the Oscars. 1.  Anne Hathaway is very pretty. 2. In a just world, anything that lets you look at Anne Hathaway for three hours should be the greatest thing ever. 3. This is not … Continue reading

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-For the first time in a couple of weeks, I finally got a decent day’s sleep. Seriously, I’d been averaging about five hours a day, which had been turning my brain into the cranial equivalent of egg salad. (Which is … Continue reading

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Wisconsin and the rebirth of the collective will.

-Sometimes Democracy is going to a ballot box.  Sometimes, it’s showing up for planning commission meeting.  Or giving money to a candidate or a cause you support. But sometimes, Democracy is showing up somewhere and making a hell of a … Continue reading

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On the one hand, Superheroes.  On the other, Super-industrialists.  Who will win? X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Matthew Vaughn has a good chunk of good will built up with me from “Kick-Ass” and there’s nothing in this trailer that diminishes this.  There … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck and the fear of real democracy.

Watching the events unfold the last couple of weeks in Egypt have been an unexpected bright spot in an otherwise crappy month. I can’t imagine anyone seeing this spectacle of raw people power and not have their faith in humanity … Continue reading

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“Love, Unrequited, robs me of my rest…”

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve found that my relationship with sleep has changed dramatically. Let me explain. I work graveyard from 10 to 6.  Been doing it for the last few years. I don’t love the job but … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: Last Seattle comic interview from 2010 and a blast from the past.

First off, this is the third interview I did on Open Mike night in Seattle. By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t get any footage of Mauricio’s set.  Maybe some other time. Also, this week, I finally managed to recover … Continue reading

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-My take on the State of the Union?  Eh. Not terrible but not great.  Yeah, I love the fact that President Obama wants to more fully in infrastructure.  But how he intends on doing it with a five year spending … Continue reading

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Posting has been lighter than usual. No excuses.  I’ve been a lazy hump just as nine kinds of holy crap have been breaking loose.  It’s just been that every time I’ve sat down this week to write something, nothing has … Continue reading

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