-Went to the Ashland Community Hospital ER yesterday morning to get checked for possible swine flu. The test consisted of saline being put up my nose and then sucked out by a tube.
Not the best way to spend a Tuesday morning.
The good news is that while I have a bug, I don’t have the bug. The test came back negative for influenza which means I can walk around in public without subjecting my friends and neighbors to Captain Tripps 2.0.
In the meantime, the W.H.O. has raised the pandemic alert to level 4 and are providing updates here. And the number of cases can be tracked by Google Maps. (H/T to “Leverage” writer Amy Berg for for sending this link along via her Twitter feed.)
And remember, wash your hands and if you have to sneeze or cough, use your sleeve.

-Meanwhile, guess what Arlen Spector decided to give Obama for his hundred day in office anniversary. A sixtieth Senate Seat for the Dems.

Yeah, I know. He’s another old white guy trying to hang on to what little power he has left. And he’s not a sure thing as far as getting progressive policies passed.
But damn, watching the GOP squeal like Ned Beatty in “Deliverance” is making me do the happy dance!

“You know, I’m glad my way too hot for me girlfriend dumped me. I was getting sick of those daily blowjobs. You know what? Blowjobs are overrated!”
Watching the GOP these days is like watching someone juice a dead frog with an electrical current. You can see the leg twitching but you know there’s no real life left.

-And this is even better news! (H/T to Compound F at Daily Kos.)

Holder Letter 042809 Holder Letter 042809 Stephen C. Webster

Game on, bitches! Game on!

More later.

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1 Response to RANDOM NOTES 4-29-09

  1. TJ says:

    weren’t we calling him Arlen Sphincter a few years ago?

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