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An embarrassingly personal note.

It just kind of snuck up on me. It started as a kind of resignation.  I would sit down to write down something, maybe get one or two sentences along and then…stop. And then I’d wave it off and say, … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: August 24, 2011.

-Yes, I’m behind.  Let’s play some catch-up. -Congrats to the people of Libya for finally pushing He Who’s Name Has Too Many Goddamn Spellings out of power.  You are now the proud owners of a shiny new fledgling democracy.  Just … Continue reading

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Attention Ashland, Or people. Looking for actors and stuff!

I’m looking for actors for a comedy short I’m directing for MOVE TO AMEND. I can’t pay you but but it will be posted on the Internet. It’s a short that helps explain the effects of the Supreme Court’s decision … Continue reading

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Scene, Two Bachmann For President staffers in Iowa yesterday. (Crossposted from the Tumblr Blog.)

  “Seriously, you think this is a good idea?” “Why not? You don’t come to Iowa and not eat some of the food.  It makes you look like an elitist. Hell, even Obama let himself get photographed eating a burger … Continue reading

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Wisconsin: Two out of six ain’t bad…

The great Orange Overlord called it for tonight… We took the fight into red territory, and took two seats. What was a safe 19-14 GOP advantage is now a narrow 17-16. If we had those numbers going into 2011, the … Continue reading

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The Satan Sandwich: Now what do we do?

Let me get the obvious out of the way, first. If you did not vote in the 2010 midterms because you wanted to teach the Democrats a lesson…YOU! DO! NOT! GET! TO! BITCH! And yes, I am aware that I’m … Continue reading

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The briefist of personal updates…

Behind on blogging this week because Thursday I had to go into Medford to have two teeth pulled. The good news: Thanks to my insurance (Both primary and supplemental.) the whole thing only set me back one hundred and fifty … Continue reading

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