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Arizona: Come for the racism, stay for the graft.

Yesterday in Arizona, the good guys for the most part won. The key issue before U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton in the case is as old as the nation itself: Does federal law trump state law? She indicated in her … Continue reading

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"Sucker punch"-ed

Sweet God, I have no clue what to make of this! You’ve got Nazis, Samurais, dragons!  And at the center, you’ve got about five or six lucious young lovelies all dressed in various types of hot clothing.  It’s like an … Continue reading

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Why posting has been sparse?

Today in Ashland, it was 95 degrees.In fact, that’s been the average temperature for the last…oh, just off the top of my head…THREE GODDAMN WEEKS!!!The only thing standing between me and madness is a fan in my window, a fan … Continue reading

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Imagine someone gave Nicolas Roeg two hundred million dollars to make an action movie and you’ve got a sense of what you’re in for.And for Christ’s sakes, will everyone stop complaining about how complicated the plot is.  The plot is … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh should not do eulogies.

On the occasion of the passing of Yankee owner, George Steinbrenner, Rush Limbaugh engages in some hearty pro-capitalist race bating. Leaving aside the race thing for a moment, (Really, Rush?  So the white players were payed in what?  Cases of … Continue reading

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"Toy Story 3".

Some things Pixar taught me this weekend. 1.) Cowgirls love Spaniards. 2.) Sometimes when evil comes, it’s comes looking cuddly and smelling of Strawberries. 3.) Somewhere an animator at Pixar has my photo on the wall…and he has pins stuck … Continue reading

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