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"And I’d like to introduce our new RNC fundraising co-chair, Miss Candi Barr." (UPDATED.)

Whee ha!  It looks likes Michael Steele has really stepped into it this time. (H/T to The Huffington Post.) The Daily Caller‘s Jonathan Strong has basically won the morning with a story about RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s lavish lifestyle on … Continue reading

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How badly has the Health Care fight screwed me up?  I forgot that this month is the centennial of the birth of one of the greatest filmmakers ever. Let me rectify that now. Happy Birthday, Sir.  And thank you.

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Hey, it’s not like he shot a guy in the face!

-Why, yes.  Vice President Biden, it is A BIG FUCKING DEAL! For those who might be offended by the VP’s language, let me pass on two things. 1.  Cheney used the word first. 2. Once Mel Brooks was asked what … Continue reading

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*A massively flawed bill that doesn’t eliminate pre-existing conditions for four years and demands that you buy insurance or pay a fine.      Yeah, the fucker’s flawed.  But it’s a start.  And considering that the Dems were on the verge … Continue reading

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RERUN: Doctor Doolittle would hit that…

Still busy wrestling with a new short.  But in light of J.D. Heyworth playing the “Gay Marriage is just like bestiality” card, it seemed like a good idea to repost this oldie but a goodie. Okay, here’s the thing.As you … Continue reading

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To Rush Limbaugh on the subject of leaving the country if Health Care Reform passes.

Don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out!

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NEW "TRON" TRAILER and a brief personal update.

In answer to why I haven’t updated in a week, I have two answers. One: the short is kind of kicking my ass. Two: Politics can suck it for right now. Seriously, I’m just not in the fucking mood and … Continue reading

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Time to start shifting some gears…

Okay, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that my postings have been spotty.  And the reason is this.I’m burned out on politics. The Heath Care debate.  Sen Dodd’s recent yanking of the teeth out of regulatory … Continue reading

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