Obama’s speech last night…

Shorter version for the left: Look, I’m not that idiot cracker, Bush.  We are not setting foot one on Libyan soil.  And I’m not going to spend years rebuilding the place. So please, knock off the Bush’s Third Term horsecrap.

Shorter version for the right: This is a special circumstance.  Just because we’re in Libya now, it does not mean that Iran is next on the list.  So you can stop masturbating now.  That’s right John Bolton, I’m looking at you.
Seriously, put it back in your pants. This ain’t Plato’s Retreat.

All in all.  It was a strong, well reasoned speech.  (I would have preferred for him to point out that we bear some responsibility for Gaddafi still being power. But what the hell, maybe not the time and place.)  For the moment, I am trusting that Obama has no grand scheme to keep us in Libya.  (And as most of you know, my trust in Obama is really frayed in spots.) But in this case, I’m willing to spot him this, for now.
But make no mistake, kids.  Until the Libyan rebels drag Gadaffi through the streets by his heels or one of his inner circle ends it by giving him a hot lead enema, we’re in this.

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