RANDOM NOTES: March 23, 2011. (The “Holy Crap, I’m behind” edition.)

-Wow. Libya…so that happened.
To be honest, I am deeply ambivalent about this whole thing.  On the one hand, holy shit, we’re in another war in the Middle East!  On the other hand, Kaddafi is a murderous son of a bitch. But on the other hand, so are most of the the other despots in that area and we’re not throwing heavy ordnance at them.  But on the other hand, Obama has clearly signaled his intentions to end our involvement as quickly as possible.  But on the other hand, he didn’t consult Congress…
ENOUGH!  I’m starting to sound like Tevye the Milkman.  I’m sorry but in this case, I’m just too conflicted to have a strong opinion one way or another.  But i do have something to say to both sides of the divide.
THE RIGHT: Who are upset that Obama isn’t beating his chest loudly enough.  Sorry but perhaps the most admirable thing about this situation has been Obama refusal to puff up and scream “We’re number one!  We’re number one!’.  Unlike the last guy we had who turned out to be an emotionally damaged manchild with delusions of Ramboism stuck in his head.
THE LEFT: Yes, I know that the bombing started on the anniversary of the bombing of Iraq. But as Dr. Juan Cole points out at his excellent (And soon to be blogrolled.) blog, “Informed Comment”, it’s kind of an apples and oranges situation. Please take note of number Six.

6. No false allegations were made against the Qaddafi regime, of being in league with al-Qaeda or of having a nuclear weapons program. The charge is massacre of peaceful civilian demonstrators and an actual promise to commit more such massacres.

Other than those two points.  I got nothing.

-On Tuesday, March 15, MoveOne.org organized rallies in fifty states to show solidarity with Wisconsin and the Unions.  We had one here in Ashland, Or.  And I was there with my camera and I this is what I saw.

The woman in the thumbnail is Lauren Diane Spector.  And she is living on 815 dollars a month and she is concerned that she will lose her Social Security Disability and Medicaid.  You need to listen to what she has to say.
There were also other speakers there.  You also need to listen to them.
Normally, I don’t like asking people to pass along or retweet my videos.  But in this case, it’s not about me.  If you can pass this along to someone you know, I’d consider it a favor.

-And on a much needed lighter note, it looks like Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are set to gives us two more seasons of “The Venture Bros”.

We’ve recently signed a new contract with adultswim to produce two more seasons of The Venture Bros.

Doc and I officially started writing last week. Though, in truth, we technically started writing season 5 last year when we accidentally brainstormed a handful of (we think) pretty hot new stories while we were writing the season 4 finale. Our goal is to have enough scripts to comfortably begin pre-production by June.

But wait…that’s not all!

Our contract also includes a long-form (60-90 min.) Venture Bros. special. Don’t ask me when we’ll make it, what it’s going to be about, or whether it’ll be on TV or direct-to-DVD, because we don’t have a clue yet. Nevertheless: good news!

Tell them what else they get, Jackson…

We’ve been secretly working on an 11 minute Venture Bros. special for the past couple of months. A sort of light-hearted, one-off little aperitif we’re producing and animating entirely in-house at Titmouse Studios in NY and LA. It will premiere some time this summer.

What can I say?  I like my murder machines like I like my bikini models, blond and Swedish!

-More later


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