A lame housekeeping post.

You know how occasionally, I fall into a fallow period in blogging.  And I wind up writing a post offering apologies, lame excuses and end it with a cute animal video?
Yeah.  This is one of those posts.
Seriously, can you blame me?  Wisconsin heating up. Michigan is looking to make “Robocop” look like a documentary. Libya is ripping itself apart. Japan is turning into a giant damn glow stick.  Congress is turning the budget battle into a bi-weekly cliffhanger with Harry Reid as a badly miscast Commander Cody. And the continued confinement of Bradley Manning is draining the credibility we regained when we gave Bush the broom.
Seriously, to be a liberal blogger these days is like being a fireman in Detroit on Hell Night.  After a while you find yourself struggling not to yell, “Fuck it!  Let it all burn!!!”.
Anyway, what’s going to be eating up my time for most of this week is the editing of the footage from the rally on Tuesday at the Plaza.  The turnout wasn’t as big as I’d hoped due to the weather.  But the ones who were there were filled with piss and vinegar and ready to rock! (Including a seventy year old, wheelchair bound woman who came to speak out for Medicaid and Medicare.)  There’s some strong footage there.  I just have to whip it into shape.
So bear with me for a few days.  I’ll try to make the wait worth it.
In the meantime, please enjoy Inception Cat.

More later.


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One Response to A lame housekeeping post.

  1. TJ says:

    Makes your head spin. When will it be enough?

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