Why I have a Tip Jar. (And why I use Dwolla along with PayPal.)

UPDATE MARCH 29, 2014.

Well, it turns out that WePay has discontinued it’s donation services.  And since I can’t seem to find another alternative, I seem to have no choice but to use PayPal.
I do this begrudgingly and with no small amount of annoyance.
I will also be adding a Dwolla Tip Jar Button presently.  If you have Dwolla and wish to tip me, I would prefer you use that.
But as the old saying goes, “Beggers can’t be choosers.

UPDATE: MARCH 26, 2012. I’ve added a WePay link for folks who have credit cards.

I actually wrote a full blog post on this a few months ago but I’m reposting it here as a separate page.

f you look on the side of my blog, you will notice that I have added a link for a Dwolla Account as a tip jar.
This is not a step I’m taking lightly.  When I started blogging years ago at the old MySpace blog, I meant it as a way to keep my hand in between larger writing projects and blow off steam when something cheesed me off.  (I started the MySpace blog in 2005 in the middle of the Bush years so trust me, I had plenty to be cheesed off about.)  I never considered it a vocation.  And I still don’t.
But with the economy still showing few signs of improvement coupled with the fact that I have cut my personal expenses as far as they are going to be cut and it’s time to star adding a potential revenue stream.  For a brief time I considered adding sponsored tweets to my Twitter timeline. But I kept hearing Bill Hicks screaming in my ear, “YOU’RE SUCKING THE DEVIL’S COCK! SLLLLUUURRRPPPPP!”.
And seriously, who wants a dead comedian screaming in their ear 24/7? Hence, the tip jar.
I will now respond to your hypothetical questions.

Why a tip jar?  Doesn’t the job you have now pay you enough?  Do you even have a job you hippie?

Yes, I have a job.  But right now, it’s covering my bills and expenses and not much else.

Didn’t you go to Seattle last year and drop a chunk of money there?  Not exactly the act of a man in dire  financial straits?

Well, that was last year.  This year, an unexpected drop in income coupled with medical issues. (An ER visit and denial work.) shit canned that. (ADDITIONAL NOTE FOR MARCH 2012. I also recently had a trip to the ER that may result in an additional financial squeeze.)

What do you mean “A drop in Income”?

I mean my income dropped and given my long standing policy of not blogging about my job, that’s all the information you’re getting.

Come on…

That’s it.  As far as that topic goes, I’ve spoken my piece and counted to three.

Fine.  So you’re saying now that we have to pay you for reading your literary diarrhea?

Doesn’t work that way.  It’s a tip jar.  It means that if something I’ve written made you smile or gave you a new way to think about something, you can drop a few bucks in the kitty to encourage me.  If, however, my writing displeases you, you may choose to not drop something in. It’s like “Fight Club”. You choose your own level of involvement.

And just what the hell is Dwolla anyway and why aren’t you using PayPal?

Dwolla is a newish online service that allows you to send money over the internet without using Credit cards.  I looked at PayPay but their list of fees connected with using CC’s were ridiculous. (ADDITIONAL NOTE FOR MARCH 2012. Also, the Co-founder is a huge Ron Paul supporter and I am not.  Also, they have a tendency to freeze accounts for no damn good reason.)  Dwolla only takes 0.25 cents per transaction because the accounts are connected directly to your checking account.

So do I need a Dwolla account to send you money.

Afraid so.  Again, it’s your choice. (ADDITIONAL NOTE FOR MARCH 2012. Signing up for it is quick and easy.)

So, what exactly do you intend to use this money for?  Coke and Whores?

Coke and whores? In Oregon?
Maybe meth and whores.  But coke? Honkey, please!
I’m not going to lie though.  This is strictly for lifestyle enhancement.  Some may go to paying down my Credit Card balances but mostly, it’s for stuff like the occasional movie, A new Blu-Ray, occasionally ordering in Chinese food.

So, this won’t be your primary source of income?

Believe me. I have seen my hit count.  If I depended on this blog for my livelihood, I would be so fucked!

Not to mention your gaps in posting.

Trust me, with an election year coming up, that’s going to take care of itself. Plus I’ve been meaning to get back into doing some more writing about film.  So there will be more posting.  Honest.

And there you have it. If you like my stuff, I can be encouraged.  If you don’t…you don’t.

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