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Not counting the camera tests, this is my output for the year. I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions. But if I were to make one this year, it would be to kick things up a notch. The good news … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: First of May!

For my geek friends, an oldie and a goodie from the mighty JC! (Jonathan Coulton.) And for my political friends who are celebrating this May Day with a good old fashioned General Strike, some Billy Bragg! However you spend this … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: Bonus footage from “Seattle 2010: The Year of the Funny.”

I wasn’t able to cut these into the actual “Seattle 2010” shorts because of the sound quality. (My own fault for not having an external mike for the cameras.) But seeing that both Travis and Derek were nice enough to … Continue reading

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PERSONAL VIDEO DUMP: Stuff I made. (And helped make.)

As some of you may have read, this last weekend, one of my pieces was performed at an evening of “Summer Shorts” for The Camelot Theater in Talent, Oregon.  And as promised, I got my piece on video and stuck … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: The Privacy vs Spies Edition.

In support of being able to keep your own damn secrets.

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Hoping against hope… From Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire: President Obama “is angry about the oil spill, its magnitude, BP’s stalling and tomorrow, he is going to let his frustrations spill out at a late-morning press availability after he meets with … Continue reading

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Here’s hoping the summit gambit works!

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