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The brain baby is crying and crapping it’s diaper.

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s been a long couple of days. I finally managed to finish a new short only to discover upon completion that it’s the worse thing I’ve ever written. The idea that looked so … Continue reading

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Greg Walden wants to cock-block the trillion dollar coin.

Via MSNBC’s “Last Word” blog. What if a single coin could solve the debt ceiling? The premise is kooky, yet simple: The Treasury would print a $1 trillion dollar platinum coin and deposit it at the Federal Reserve, and boom, … Continue reading

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Cue the seasonal depression…

  It’s been raining for the past two days and it’s expected to continue for another five days. If anyone plays Adale around me, there may be blood.  Mostly my own.

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The precise moment Jon Cryer decided to drop out of show business and open a record store.

Via “Badass Digest”, The kid from “Two and Half Men” has found God and wants his earthly suffering to be over. Earthly suffering being defined as the TV show that pays him more for one episode than I will see … Continue reading

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Beating the heat…before it beats me.

Summer has not so much marched into Ashland as it has smashed in the door and planted its foot firmly on my neck and demanded a gallon of my sweat as tribute for my continued existence. It has been a … Continue reading

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Ronny Cox’s Birthday and a folk song pitch.

So I’m on the Twitter tonight and I see Drew McWeeny tweet the following… It’s Ronny Cox’s birthday today. First official celebrity interview I ever did, when I was 17 years old. He’s awesome. And that made me smile.  Because … Continue reading

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A sliver of hope today…

I won’t lie. The election news today was good. In Ohio, SB-5 that would have limited collective bargaining rights lost. Mississippi decided that Zygotes aren’t really people too. The jackass who wrote the “Papers Please” law in Arizona just got given … Continue reading

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