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Quvenzhane Wallis Vs. The Onion. Or why sometimes jokes just don’t damn work!

Yeah, so this was a thing tonight. (Via The AP.) A tweet from The Onion about the 9-year-old star of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is drawing criticism for being tasteless, even amid the constant social media satire of the … Continue reading

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A SOPA related update. PLEASE SHARE AND RT!

Tomorrow, This blog will be dark in protest of the upcoming vote in The Senate of the SOPA bill. Although support for this bill has been hemorrhaging, it looks like Lamar Smith is still trying to push it through. So we … Continue reading

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2010: Goodbye, Farewell and Fuck off! Part Two.

Now where was I?  Oh yeah… The biggest non oil “Holy Shit, We’re Fucked!” moment: The Supreme Court’s decision in the case of “Citizens United Vs Federal Election Committee” which grants corporations the same rights as individuals and makes it … Continue reading

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-Really, RNC? Of all the reasons to get rid of Harry Reid, you’re going with this? Appearing on “Fox News Sunday”, Steele condemned Reid for calling then-presidential candidate Barack Obama “light-skinned” and “with no Negro dialect” in private conversations during … Continue reading

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