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In which your humble narrator throws up his hands and admits he’s sick of blogging about politics.

Yes.  I saw the State of the Union Speech tonight. Yes, I thought it was a good speech. I’m delighted that Obama came out with an ambitious second term agenda.  I’m tickled that he came out for a higher national … Continue reading

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Oh crap! Not another post about that jackass, Ted Nugent! Oh, lord. Have we not suffered enough?

Seriously?  We’re going through this shit again? Via Aging rocker and National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent is threatening to take up arms against President Obama, telling an interviewer that America’s  44th president “hangs out with communists” and “hates … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: April 21, 2012.

-Just a reminder that I’m running a Blog Fundraising Drive for the next several days to help pay for the $950 Ambulance bill I’m facing.  If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know this isn’t something I … Continue reading

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Personal Updates and a few quick words about Ted Nugent.

-I just got my award letter from the Community Care program over at Ashland Community Hospital and the news is good. They were able to shave off 60%percent of my ER Bill and I now owe only about 587 dollars. … Continue reading

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