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In which your humble narrator throws up his hands and admits he’s sick of blogging about politics.

Yes.  I saw the State of the Union Speech tonight. Yes, I thought it was a good speech. I’m delighted that Obama came out with an ambitious second term agenda.  I’m tickled that he came out for a higher national … Continue reading

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State of the Union: 2012.

The State of the Union was tonight. Let’s break it down: THE GOOD:  You like the Economic Populism? Obama ladled it on thick tonight. Ending the Bush Tax cuts.  Restructuring the tax code. The Buffett rule. Investigating the banks for offering … Continue reading

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-My take on the State of the Union?  Eh. Not terrible but not great.  Yeah, I love the fact that President Obama wants to more fully in infrastructure.  But how he intends on doing it with a five year spending … Continue reading

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State of the Union-State of my nervous system.

To be blunt, last week was not a good week to be a progressive.The Coakley/Brown race.  The Supreme Court ruling on corporate “Free Speech”.  You know the drill.But it was looking like Obama was starting to show some fight.  He … Continue reading

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