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Daniel Tosh and the dangers of Not Punching Up.

Via Jezebel: According to a blog post, on Friday, a young woman and her female friend went to the Laugh Factory in Hollywood to watch some comedy. When Tosh took the stage, she wasn’t sure who he was, but remarked that … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: March 26, 2012. (Housekeeping edition.)

-The E-Book is starting to take some shape. I’ve finished one of the three unfinished pieces and still have feelers out for the few I’m missing in the files. I’ve also been taking the time to study the Smashwords E-Book … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: Last Seattle comic interview from 2010 and a blast from the past.

First off, this is the third interview I did on Open Mike night in Seattle. By the way, I’m sorry I didn’t get any footage of Mauricio’s set.  Maybe some other time. Also, this week, I finally managed to recover … Continue reading

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VIDEO DUMP: Bonus footage from “Seattle 2010: The Year of the Funny.”

I wasn’t able to cut these into the actual “Seattle 2010” shorts because of the sound quality. (My own fault for not having an external mike for the cameras.) But seeing that both Travis and Derek were nice enough to … Continue reading

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Finished cutting the first of the Seattle Videos.  Here’s some added notes. -The actual night of the open mike, I actually got full interviews with Derek Sheen and Travis Simmons, as well as a friend of Jake’s named Moricieco. (Who’s … Continue reading

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Random Notes 8-29-10

-A (much) belated congratulations to John McCain for proving that abandoning ones stated principles is still a viable campaign strategy.  But with limited gains. (H/T to Linda Chavez at the McCain didn’t need to pander on the immigration issue … Continue reading

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Vlog #8: Making Jokes and Taking Names.

A few notes about this video. 1. You are seeing the edited version.  My preferred cut was at 11:45 but I had to slice two minutes to get it down to YouTube Length.   I’ll be posting the longer cut … Continue reading

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