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Rush Limbaugh: And George Soros once bought an airline…like that guy in “Inception”!

Sweet Zombie Jesus… Okay, Let’s break this down… The character Bane was created in 1993. The character was used in the 1997 film “Batman and Robin”. The shooting began in December of 2010. A full year before the GOP Primaries even … Continue reading

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Santorum…Really? Santorum?

Seriously, GOP!  This shit’s not funny anymore! Rick Santorum scored victories in the Mississippi and Alabama primaries on Tuesday, depriving Mitt Romney of a signature win in a conservative stronghold and raising fresh doubts about the viability of Newt Gingrich’s … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that.

You know, I was going to write Part Two of my year end wrap today.  But then I remembered, “Wait, I have pizza to eat and the last part of Season Five of Doctor Who to get through!”. Needless to … Continue reading

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We return to look at (sadly.) Obama’s response to federal lawsuits over Bush Adminstration wiretapping.

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