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Cliven Bundy and the one thing he knows about “The Negros”.

Say kids, You know about the Cliven Bundy? The guy who’s turned a dispute over grazing fees into an armed stand-off with Federal Agents.  Well, The New York Times talked to the guy. And the results were…well, if you been following the … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned while blocked.

-Apparently, the less you write, the worse your writer’s block gets. -When you say that you are going to write a post a day, it would be a good idea to actually do that. -Video games are fun once in … Continue reading

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Matt Lauer gets creepy with Anne Hathaway: Other Middle-Aged men shudder.

Via: Raw Story. Actress Anne Hathaway politely hammered Today Show host Matt Lauer on Wednesday when he opened a standard promotional interview in a condescending tone over her recent brush with the paparazzi, Entertainment Weekly reported. “Nice to see you. Seen a lot of … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck and the fear of real democracy.

Watching the events unfold the last couple of weeks in Egypt have been an unexpected bright spot in an otherwise crappy month. I can’t imagine anyone seeing this spectacle of raw people power and not have their faith in humanity … Continue reading

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-First off.  Really, Larry King?  Mr. Softball himself is being inappropriate?  The man has the attack instincts of a tribble.  Whatever you do. don’t get in the same room with Katie Couric.  Post-Palin, she still has the taste of blood … Continue reading

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