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Catching up: Filibusters, Iran and Thor.

I’m currently deep into editing “Glengarry Glen Styx”. (First assemblage is done.  I still have fine cutting, sound mixing and color correction ahead of me.) So, I’m going to make this quick. THE NUCLEAR OPTION: Yes, it could wind up … Continue reading

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Clint Eastwood: I still believe in heroes!

Some people would call Clint Eastwood’s performance at the RNC stage in Tampa last night a sorry display from an old man who’s lost his mind. I am not one of those people. Instead I offer this alternate theory. It’s … Continue reading

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RANDOM NOTES: April 26, 2010. (All Geek Edition.)

Okay, I’ve been lax on posting the last few days.  So here’s a palate cleanser before we move on to the heavy stuff.  (And trust me cats and kitties, the heavy stuff is a coming.) -First off, kudos and huzzahs … Continue reading

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Reason #43 why Joss Whedon is Cool!

Need I say more?

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Random Notes-3-21-09

-While we’re all having angina over the AIG bonus kerfuffle, The Treasury plan to buy up toxic assets have been released. And it’s moments like this, I wish I’d taken more (I.E. any) economic courses in college. All I can … Continue reading

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