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In which your humble narrator throws up his hands and admits he’s sick of blogging about politics.

Yes.  I saw the State of the Union Speech tonight. Yes, I thought it was a good speech. I’m delighted that Obama came out with an ambitious second term agenda.  I’m tickled that he came out for a higher national … Continue reading

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Biden Vs Ryan or “Go home and get your f@%$ing shinebox!”

Technically, I’m still on vacation. (Although it’s the stay at home portion.) So I’m keeping this as short as possible. -Blessed be Joe Biden.  While Obama let Romney run the table last week, Romney stomped on Ryan with the Steel … Continue reading

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Obama (finally) finishes evolving on same sex marriage.

We had this last night. (Via the Blogrolled Jonathan Turley.) North Carolina yesterday became the 30th state to ban same-sex marriage. Early results showed the amendment to its Constitution passing overwhelmingly by as much as 61 percent. The popularity of … Continue reading

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Random Notes 4-7-09

-It looks like for one night, the people in Austin were the happiest geeks in the world because a screening of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” turned out to be the greatest bait and switch in history! The … Continue reading

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