Into the Labyrinthitis….

Well, the year is barely a month old and your humble narrator has had his first health scare for the year.
This past Monday, I was doing my regular routine.(Brewing coffee, checking my E-Mail and Facebook, etc.) When suddenly, my head started spinning like a tween at a Taylor Swift Concert.
After waiting a few minutes for it to pass, I called my friend Michael Bingham who drove me to the Ashland Community Hospital ER. And after the various blood tests and other stuff, they let me know what the prognosis was.


So, I’ve been on anti-diziness and anti-nausea meds for the last three days. My sleep patterns have been FUBAR’d because the latter meds induce drowsiness. And because I’ve spent the last three days in bed, my lower back is messed up.
Which is why I’ve been quiet about Sarah Palin’s recent attempt at relevance because, sweet lord, have I not suffered enough?
Anyway, don’t expect much from me for a bit. I’m on the mend but not quite 100% yet.

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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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