Turning down the lights and covering the couch with a sheet.

To those of you following along for the last several weeks, this may not be that big of a surprise.
Posting has stiff been sporadic for the last several weeks. I’m still occasionally throwing stuff out I’m nowhere near my peak. And I still have other things that need my attention including new scripts and my NERD ALERT blog for my EBook webpage.
So I’m making a decision that’s been a long time coming.
I am for the time being, shutting down “NEWS FROM THE FRONT”.
Not for forever, just for a while until I can get my head straight and get some other stuff done.
Because honestly, I can’t write about politics right now.
I know I’ve said all this before. But honestly, I really mean it this time. I’ve been doing this since 2009. (Even longer if you count my long dormant MySpace blog that I started during the Bush Years.) And honestly, that is a metric fuckton of yelling.
And honestly, I’m tired of it.
I have a post about Gaza in my draft folder. (Short version, the Israeli response is goes far beyond any definition of “Self Defense” and is sloping into “Massacre”.) I don’t want to finish it.
Not because I don’t care but because my churning out words about it seems futile.
And that makes me feel like a damn pussy because I have always said and still believe that every voice counts. And we are coming up on midterms which are shaping up are shaping up to be a “Last Twenty Minutes of John Woo’s THE KILLER.” style battle royale and it’s all hands on deck time….
And I still can’t muster up the energy to throw down words.

I have to accept the fact that I am burned out on writing about politics and I need to refocus on other things for both professional and personal reasons.
That doesn’t mean that I’m burned out on politics in general. I’m still keeping myself informed.  I’m still signing petitions and I will be donating money to Rep Jeff Merkely for his re-election campaign. (Because Jeff Merkley is the motherfucking man!) And I’m still staying otherwise active.
But as far as writing goes, I have to walk away for a while.

I’m still going to be blogging. But at the NERD ALERT blog. (Daddy need to move some books. And just a reminder, Sales Links are also on the page.) And I still need to finish the script for my next short.
So, I’m still going to be busy.  Just not here.
Thank you for your indulgence and past support.

And I’m sorry.


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