Brief Commercial Announcement for a Friend.

Please indulge me for a moment.
An old friend of mine needs some help and I need to use this blog to give him a hand.
His name is Charles S. Couraud. And I’ll let him tell you what’s going on.

Help my son pay for his first year of college…
There was a woman earlier this (school) year who went through the school to specifically find and help a transgender student do their college transition prep work and organization. She was put together with my son Corbin, and as I am a single dad and busy busy with work at the top of the year I was grateful for the help and confident that the school was well informed. I stepped back and let the two of them work on all of his paperwork with my blessing and all my information. Little did I know, the ball was totally dropped after the information left my son’s hands. NOTHING was done. I did help my son get all of his info to University of Oregon where he was accepted and plans to go in the fall with his boyfriend. Unfortunately, though, The financial aid end ( the part she seemed really knowledgeable about) never happened. No January FAFSA, no scholarship forms.
I just found out when I went to check Corbin’s FAFSA online today. I got info in, but state deadlines have passed and the federal help is far from even half of what we need. To top all of this off, his mom defaulted on her student loans a few months back (loans that apparently my name is still attached to) effectively destroying any chance that either of us can co-sign loans for Corbin.
Corbin is a great kid. He is active in the community and with other LGBT students. He fights for social justice and equality. He regularly puts everyone else in front of his own needs and interests. Often to a fault.
So….. I am looking for help. This is just one place of many that I’m am working on. I am trying to find any scholarships still available to him, contacting organizations inside and out of the LGBT community, and pooling my few assets, too. Any help is appreciated greatly.
I know 15,000 is a huge goal, but anything helps and I will try to cover the rest in other ways. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and thank you in advance.


So that’s the shot.  His GoFundMe page is here. Chuck and Corbin are good people and they do not deserve the raw deal they’ve gotten.
If you can throw them something, I’d be very grateful.

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