“Captain America: The Winter Solder.” The first ten minutes.

Marvel has them in spades!
Hell, I bet they keep them in a warehouse just outside of Pasadena. And on special occasions, slap them on a flatbed truck and drive them to the DC offices in Los Angeles. Just so they can put them on a winch and teabag their lobby, cackling like maniacs the whole time.
Now I’m not bringing up the idea of a multinational media company having a house sized set of testicles lying around just to be silly and juvenile. (Although, honestly, it’s kind of partially the reason.) But to point out that yesterday, Marvel Studios unleashed the first ten minutes of ‘Captain America: The Winter Solider” upon the Internet. And just as quickly, un-unleashed.  The link to the footage I was going to post expired. However, I did find an excellent summary of the footage on Movieweb from an earlier Marvel press event.

The movie opens with a bit of levity, a serene morning in Washington D.C., with two men out for a run around the National Mall. Although one of these men does not appear to be slow at all, the other is just monumentally faster. At first, we can’t see these men in detail, since the camera is following them from afar, but the speedy man is readily identifiable as Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) when he keeps saying “On your left” to the same man over and over again, who we come to learn is Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie).
After their run, Rogers has barely broken a sweat when he casually goes to introduce himself to a winded Wilson, a fellow soldier himself. As they chat about Rogers’ acclimation to modern-day society (Rogers talks about the Internet and how it’s great they don’t have to worry about polio anymore), Wilson suggests the 1972 Marvin Gaye album “Trouble Man,” which he claims has “everything you’ve missed on one album.” Rogers literally takes note of this suggestion, adding it to a list of things he needs to catch up on, that includes entries such as Steve Jobs, the Rocky movies, Star Wars movies and many others that I couldn’t catch, because it wasn’t on screen long enough.
Their encounter is cut short when “duty calls,” as Rogers gets an alert on his phone. Moments later, Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) pulls up in a pristine Corvettte, while joking that she needs to know where the Smithsonian is so she can find a “fossil,” as Sam looks on. Before they speed off, Rogers tells Wilson, “You can’t run everywhere.”

This first part does a lot right.  It re-establishes Rogers’ psychical prowess and basic decency.  It shows him still struggling with modern society without resorting to “Frozen Caveman Lawyer” like gags. And it establishes the easy rapport that he’s going to have with the man who will become “The Falcon”.
Also, Wilson’s reccomendation of Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man’ is specific enough that you get the sense that it’s going to have  thematic resonance down the line. (Either that or The Russo Brothers are just big Martin Gaye fans.)
(Oh, and by the way, that album is on Spotify. And it is tasty.)

And it looks like the second half of the footage is still on line.

There is a brief moment missing from this clip where it’s revealed that it’s a S.H.I.E.L.D. ship and Rogers expresses his displeasure at being Nick Fury’s janitor. But other than that, it’s the same.
And again, it does a lot right. It shows Rogers coninued pining for Peggy Carter through wisecracks and avoidence.
The glimpse of Agent Stillwell (From “Item 43” fame.) helps connect the film with the larger Marvel Universe. And it reminds us all that you never, EVER, fuck with a man with a throwable shield.
Seriously, that looked painful.

This is not the act of a studio braying desperatly for your dollars.  They know they have the goods.  Hell, they already hired The Russo’s for “CAIII”. And while DC continues to flounder trying to create a Wonder Woman movie, Marvel’s next film has a talking raccoon and Andy Dryer from “Parks and Recreation” as Han Solo 2.0. And they’re not even breaking a sweat.
Make no mistake. Marvel has balls.
And they’re slapping them on DC’s drum kit.

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