I’ve been sitting on this news for about a weekend a half.  I already posted a brief note on my Facebook page but I do need to pass it on to my non-FB friends.
I got the word from The Ashland Independent Film Festival. “GLENGARRY GLEN STYX: REDUX” was not accepted.
I won’t lie.  I wasn’t all that surprised.
As I’ve said before, I’m happy about how it came out given both the then level of my expertise and the one day shooting schedule.
However, looked at with a cold and clinical eye, I can understand why it wasn’t accepted. There are flaws baked into the filmmaking that may have knocked it out of consideration. (I shot the short with the camera on Automatic and I can tell you that there were overexposure issues that led to a lot of color correction. Because of my actor’s schedules, rehearsals weren’t possible. Etc.)
The good news is that I know how to fix these problems for the next short.
The bad news is that as of right now, I have no new short.

Long time followers of this blog may have noticed that my output since the beginning of this year has been…to use the most polite term…spotty.
That’s because I have been wrestling with a case of writer’s block that would make Barton Fink blanch.
It’s not even that I haven’t even gotten any new ideas.  It’s just that the ideas seem to die inside my head every time I try to put fingers to keyboard.
And honestly, I don’t know when it’s going to break.

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