Daddy has been woolgathering…

Yeah.  I know. No posting.
The truth is that all the insane crap that’s been happening this month, (Rumblings of another Debt Limit fight. Net Neutrality getting kicked it the nuts. Hedge fund guy comparing the fight against income inequality to Kristallnacht. Huckabee Vs. Libidos. Etc.) has caused my brain to freeze up something fierce.
I think I’ve reached peak outrage.
Seriously, after years of blogging about the various outrages that pass my eyeballs, I can safely say that I am burned out on writing about politics.
That’s not to say I’m burned out on politics.  I still keep up on the news via various sources (BBC. NPR. MSNBC. TheKos. Etc.) I still throw money at causes I believe in and sign petitions whenever possible.
But writing about politics…
Honestly, I Don’t want to say Never Again because that never works out.  (Not to mention the State of the Union is tomorrow and this is an election year and so it’s all hands on deck.) But I also have other parts of my garden that needs tending.  I need to finish the script for my next short. (And when I say “Finish” I mean “Start”.) I need to tend to the other blog.  You know the one at the place where I’m flogging my book. Not mention a half a dozen other things of a personal nature.
So, I’m not saying “Never”, I’m just saying “Be Patient”.
(It should be noted that I’m not the only one who’s feeling the burn. In response to someone asking about whether he intends to blog about politics again, John Rogers responded that every political blog post he started for the last five years could be boiled down to the phrase “Fuck you, Johnny Reb”.)

So bear with me. Please.


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Actor/Writer/Homegrown Pundit/Cranky Progressive/Sometimes Filmmaker.
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